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create lasting relationships with each and every couple we photograph. The best relationships are enduring. The best memories are built on the foundation of shared moments over time. When you buy that first house, welcome that beautiful baby, celebrate that milestone anniversary—we want to be there for that too.

Her grandma’s diaries, love letters from Jeff, and precious family snapshots are among the family heirlooms Christy and Jeff cherish most. They are invaluable—little treasures we keep to celebrate, honor, and strengthen our relationships. We love photographing weddings for the same reason. They are celebrations of true love, pure emotion, and noble promises. We dwell on the qualities that make each couple unique, the details that make each celebration special, and the lovely moments that become the treasured memories you will cherish. We consider it our duty to create the precious keepsakes that embody your true love.

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No matter what the fairy tales say, the love story doesn’t end with the wedding. And if we know one thing to be true, it’s this: it’s important to celebrate the milestones as they come. Whether it’s your tenth anniversary or your firstborn’s senior portraits—time passes a lot faster than you think.
As your family grows, we want to celebrate alongside you. Holding the keys to your new house. Announcing you’re pregnant. Capturing the kids when they’re young. Trimming the Christmas tree. Memorializing four generations laughing together at the family reunion.
What we love about family portraits is the power they have to hold those moments in time. Kids grow so quickly; sometimes it feels like if you blink, you might miss it. Trust us—you’re gonna want proof that they were ever that small! 

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